About Stan

Meet Stan Craig“All my life I was told how to die as a Christian but no one ever told me how to live until then.  I wish they had….”    Billy Graham   Nearing Home   2011

How ForeTalk began.  In 2008, my brother Ron was diagnosed with lung cancer, 4th stage.  He was admitted to the hospital and aggressive treatment began.  He died 41 days later, only leaving the hospital to go to a hospice care center where he passed away.  He had made no preparation of any kind.  No will, no living will, no powers of attorney, no final instructions, no prepaid funeral or funeral wishes.  He had never heard of hospice. His family was as unprepared as he was.

Every document had to be created while he was undergoing treatment and overwhelmed by his illness.  It was painful, tragic and disruptive to everyone he loved and to him.  It never should have occurred.

None of knows when serious illness or death will come but all of us can prepare.

ForeTalk was written because there was no place to turn for help when it was sorely needed.  It was written to spare you and your loved ones the consequences of
coming to the end of life without any awareness of what to expect or plan for. It is a book and seminar every family needs to avoid increasing sorrow and loss by knowing what ‘s coming to all of us and preparing for it now.

Purpose:   The purpose of the ForeTalk Seminar is to provide the information and motivation for every family to affirm a future without fear–grounded in faith, preparation and grace—by talking about and creating the critical documents required for peace of mind.

Our Business:  The business of The ForeTalk Seminar is to create materials, Internet education and downloads, guidebooks and seminars that assist Christian family, leaders and the adult members of every church in life affirmation by applying the biblical principles of numbering our days to gain a heart of wisdom.

The book, ForeTalk  ©, is the basis of the seminar and our educational emphasis. The topics include:

•    Conversation: Let’s start at the very beginning
•    Caring: Wills and trusts,
•    Counsel: Finding the right attorney,
•    Compassion: Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Finance,
•    Celebration: Funeral and memorial planning,
•    Caution: Managing risk with insurance,
•    Conviction: Generosity-A Life Well-Lived
•    Continuity: Live like you were dying

Every church and pastor will see direct discipleship benefits in the congregation and the legacy giving within the fellowship. Teach heart wisdom by learning to number our days.The benefits are substantial.

Stan Craig, the creator of The ForeTalk Seminar is a pastor, Bible teacher, author, financial professional and the Executive Director of a non-profit foundation.  As a financial professional, Stan held nearly every sales position in his 27-year career at Merrill Lynch including National Sales manager, Director of Global Sales for Defined Asset Funds and the First Vice President and Senior Director of the Office of Investment Performance.
After early retirement, he served as a consultant, a partner at PSB Training, a career coach and keynote speaker at numerous events and conferences.

He has served as pastor at churches in Canada, Kentucky and Pennsylvania, led conferences and spoken at churches in England, Denmark, Africa and Canada.  His speaking has taken him to 5 continents and every state.

He is a member of the Christian Stewardship Alliance, The Christian Stewardship network, The Foundation Board of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the National Speakers Association. His education includes the University of Kentucky, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Stan and his wife Gloria live in Louisville Kentucky.