List of Available Seminars:

ForeTalk Seminar–Celebrate the Benefits, the Blessing and the Beauty of End-of-Life Planning

This one-hour seminar presents the financial savings, the blessing of relieving stress for those who love you the most and the beauty of a personally planned funeral or memorial service. This is a powerful and touching seminar that speaks to a need of every family with Biblical truth and the joy of being a victor, not a victim, when life ends.

ForeTalk Seminar–Generosity: The Joy of Following God’s Leadership in Your Stewardship

This one-hour seminar demonstrates how generosity cannot only help charities and organizations or churches, but also how donors may benefit with guaranteed income for life. The place and value of annuities and insurance in today’s investment environment is also highlighted in this presentation.

ForeTalk Seminar–Hospitality: What Everyone Ought to Know About Going to the Hospital But Was Afraid to Ask

This one-hour seminar is designed to teach the significant value of advanced healthcare directives and why they are no longer optional in today’s society. The required documents will be discussed and presented so that everyone will know what to expect and how to communicate their wishes to family and medical professionals. Everyone needs this information and will benefit from this powerful presentation.

ForeTalk Seminar–Laughter: Funny Things Happen on the Way to Heaven

This one-hour seminar is filled with humor and laughter. Real-life stories and humorous antidotes as well as audience participation demonstrate the funny things we all experience in every season of life.
“A man died and went to heaven, St Peter said….”

ForeTalk Seminar–Purposeful Living for the Final Season of Life

This seminar covers every aspect of Christian end-of-life planning. Beginning with how to have a conversation, identifying all the required documents, funeral and memorial planning, as well as how to make the most of every day, this seminar is the one most frequently requested. It is filled with stories and humor and personal illustrations.

This seminar is offered to me one hour, two-hour or four-hour seminar. For our seminar usually includes other speakers, either an attorney or a physician or both.

Every seminar includes free copies of the texts and booklet written by Mr. Craig

Why schedule a ForeTalk Seminar?

ForeTalk Seminar–Purposeful Living For Life’s Final Season

“So teach us to number our days that we might apply our hearts to wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

“All my life I was taught how to die as a Christian, but no one ever told me how I ought to live in the years before I die. I wish they had…” Billy Graham, Nearing Home

There really is something new under the sun: A Bible-centered program to serve your clients, members or donors by introducing a topic few understand and even fewer teach, end–of-life planning! ForeTalk was created to help Christians understand and apply Biblical wisdom.

Positive, life-affirming content:

  • How to talk about the topic no one talks about
  • Why a power of attorney is useless when you need it most
  • Digital assets, a new problem for heirs
  • Understanding the value of hospice and palliative care
  • Generosity and a will
  • 7 lessons from a hospital bed
  • The 10 biggest estate-planning errors
  • Cremation or burial, which way is the right way?

With humor, personal stories and biblical insight a ForeTalk Seminar will bless your church.

Here are the benefits your church can expect.

  • Your leadership and staff will understand for themselves how important end of life planning is for their own family.
  • Your leaders and staff will know how to reply to questions from members of your congregation regarding end-of-life planning.
  • Your members will gain information that can change their lives and provide a sense of peace and security when facing some of life’s most difficult hours.
  • Your congregation will understand that legacy giving is the right response to the legacy we have in Christ and that stewardship as a matter of the heart more than the pocketbook.
  • Everyone who attends will be reminded that death is not an unfounded rumor, that we all need to be prepared in every way because death can touch our family in the twinkling of an eye.
  • The practicality of Biblical truth will be made clear and applicable.

There is no selling of products or services, no business solicitation of any sort that are members and friends are afraid of when they speak to funeral homes, insurance representatives or attorneys. The information comes with no strings attached.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can expect.

Answer the questions on the back of every ones mind, reward your faithful members, and create new donors by serving them in a way they never knew existed. Offer a ForeTalk Seminar and prepare to discover how everyone benefits.

Motivational speaker Stan CraigThe cost is only $20 per family in advance (which covers the cost of the book that retails for $29.95 plus tax in every bookstore or online). Each family will receive a copy of the book ForeTalk, worksheets, and a key document checklist. The fee will be $25 at the door because that encourages early sign-ups.

Those who attend will go back and tell their friends, family, church members, Sunday school or small group members and create the demand for the 2nd seminar. At Wall Street we have had 3 full seminars and several individual presentations to large groups such as our senior citizen group that has over 160 attending each month.

Over 25 years’ experience and expertise are evident in all of Stan Craig’s presentations. Whether the topic is marketing, client service, client retention, or understanding how money works, few offer as much original insight into the topic or present it with such enthusiasm and passion.

From Wall Street and the World Financial Center to Main Street and your boardroom or meeting room, audiences participate in a meaningful experience every time Stan steps up to speak. Stan is a recognized authority in the financial services industry, appearing on CNBC and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Barron’s, and Money Magazine. And the response is always positive.


Past and Present Clients Include:

Merrill Lynch Smith Barney
UBS Citigroup
MFS Fidelity Advisor Funds
American Century Funds Morgan Stanley
Progress Energy Pfizer Corp
American Express Financial Advisors National Governors Conference
Canadian Conference on the Environment United Nations Environment Programme
Securities Industry Association and more…


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