The early comments for ForeTalk: The Seven Critical Conversations for Living in the Season of Now


“Few conversations are more needed, but more avoided, than those pertaining to end-of-life decisions. Yet, as a wise man once told me, ‘to prepare for death will not hasten its arrival one minute.’ In ForeTalk Stan Craig combines the heart of a pastor with the acumen of a financial professional, and has given us the best resource I know of on legacy and end-of-life decisions.

Stan has done a service for us all in this book. I will use ForeTalk in my ministry and intend to give copies to my family and friends. I hope every senior adult I know will read this book.”

Dr Jason Allen, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Executive Director of the Southern Seminary Foundation

“Stan Craig has captured the heart of the matter in one of the most needed issues of our day in his compelling book, ForeTalk.

Nowhere do we teach real world “life skills” to families, and in the most common of all life experiences, life ends for everybody.  Most of us don’t do any planning until we are forced to do so.

Thankfully, ForeTalk teaches how to manage life effectively, efficiently and on purpose.

It is a must-read for every home and family and should be in the libraries of counselors, ministers, and attorneys.

My bride and I coach troubled marriages. We have trained scores of mentors with whom we have coached more than 500 couples, and this book will become required reading in our network for all the couples who come our way.“

Don R. “Dick” Ivey, PhD , CEO TDIB Associates, LLC

ForeTalk meets a need that most everyone we know failed to fulfill because, as ForeTalk says, “there was no help, no experience, no learning curve.”  We put ForeTalk into practice just as soon as we read the book.  From our experience we believe every pastor, every church and Christian foundation or organization can benefit by ForeTalk and having a ForeTalk Seminar.

There is value in every chapter, ideas and insight to bless every family just as we were blessed.  The Biblical insights and the many quotes provide speaking and teaching resources as well support for each idea.

Read ForeTalk. You will be informed, your family strengthened and your future more secure.

Dan and Angela  Biggs, Executive Directors, Connect Financial Ministries